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The Red Circle Group

October 2016

Rachael is part of a progressive group called The Red Circle who met once a month to discuss business between NZ and China.

Here they are at the Grand Harbour Restaurant, Auckland Viaduct. 

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Melba Group turns 21!

November 2016

NZ Premium Foods was invited to the 21st celebration of a long standing cafe institution in Auckland, Melba Group.  It was a fabulous night which also raised funds for the Starship Foundation.

Melba Group are purveyors of fine hospitality establishments throughout Auckland, serving outstanding coffee and delicious food.

They are dedicated to award-winning service and excellent fare that has cemented the popularity of their establishments.

They are focused on quality products and use our foodies for food lovers Extra Virgin Olive Oil in their cafes.

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Food and Beverage Commercialisation and Export Event

December 2016

Rachael was invited to speak at a workshop organised by BNZ/Food Bowl/Plant and Food Research.  Other speakers included Craig Armstrong from NZTE, Dr Peter Stevens CEO of GS1, Dr Helen Darling Founder of the Asia Pacific Centre for Food Integrity and Tim Grainger CEO of Venerdi.

Rachael spoke about building her company and developing markets in China.  Along with Dr Helen Darling, Rachael also spoke about Food Integrity and Food Fraud.

It was a fantastic workshop where customers, suppliers and specialists could come and network.  BNZ, Food Bowl and Plant and Food Research were also on hand to advise attendees how they can help with developing new product lines and export into new markets. 

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Foodfirst Trade Show

March 2017

It was great to attend the recent Foodfirst Trade Show held at the Auckland Showgrounds.  It was themed "Gold Rush" and was a fantastic event to meet the foodfirst distributors and their customers. Attendees sampled our fare made with Foodies for Food Lovers extra virgin olive and NZ Organic Flaky Salt.

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Food Value Chain Conference

March 2017

Rachael Speedy was invited to speak at this conference held at the Pullman Hotel, Auckland. Rachael's presentation was a case study - exporting the NZ brand, a story from NZ Premium Foods.
It was an informative conference held over 2 days which dealt with several topics such as innovation and food trends, food technology and science, exporting, food compliance and safety to name a few.

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Is the food you are buying fake?

Extra virgin olive oil contains a whole host of health benefits including anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties... when it's pure.

But a study by the US Davis Olive Center found that 69 per cent of imported extra-virgin olive oils in California had been cut with cheaper oils, or 'were compromised' in some way, failing to meet high quality standards.  This is also common practise with some Italian and Greek Oils too.

Read the full article here on how to check if your extra virgin olive oil is fake.


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