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Foodies Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Everyday Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil NZ Premium Foods imports premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  We have our own special blend that is medium, fruity and smooth on the palate. We are proud to provide  premium unadulterated Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Food Service establishments nationwide. Our supplier ensures hygiene procedures at every step, strict temperature and quality controls and state of the art continuous extraction systems to protect the attributes of the olive oil. After the fruit has been harvested, the steps of processing the olives and storing the oil are extremely important in order to guarantee the quality of the olive oil. From receiving the fruit  to oil storage, all the steps in the processing plant must follow strict guidelines. Extra Virgin olive oil is the juice of our olives. Extreme care is taken of the olives in the grove and they are processed carefully as soon as possible after harvest. The quality of the final product is the natural result. A fully computerised traceability system allows our supplier to locate in their groves, the trees harvested to produce each of the tanks oil.  This guarantees maximum quality and security.  

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New Zealand Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil The team work closely with producers to bring you the finest of what New Zealand has to offer. Our producers have been selected because of their superior produce, outstanding business practices and extraordinary brands. The story behind our New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oils is an example of this.  Our New Zealand olives are supplied by the Wilson family, whose family originally came out from China in the 1800’s and became market gardeners, settling in the winter-less north of New Zealand.The family's green fingers have been passed down through the generations and is captured in the superb quality of the olive oil they produce.  It has won so many awards over the years, the family has now lost count of them. All our food tells very individual stories that we are happy to share with you.  It is exciting and humbling to have our food grace tables all around the world.

With long dry summers and short cold winters, our trees experience two distinct growing seasons each year resulting in high grade fruit full of premium oil. Arguably there is no better place in the world to grow olives.  

The processing plant's location was selected specifically for its proximity to the olive groves. This ensures all fruit is processed within just a few hours of being harvested which maximises the freshness and quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

New Zealand's clean, green environment is recognised worldwide and has an enviable reputation for quality produce and sustainable practices. A combination of advanced grove management practices, new harvesting technology and processing speed allows us to guarantee fruit quality. This results in all our foodies for food lovers Extra Virgin Olive Oil being fresh premium grade.

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