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Our Environmental Message

At NZ Premium Foods, we hold the environment with high regard as we adopt a comprehensive approach in our eco-friendly practices. We stand by the notion that ethical conduct in all our business undertakings, combined with a commitment to nurturing our planet and its people, paves the way for everything else to naturally occur in a harmonious balance.

Our People

Our team is devoted to fostering local growth. We are proud partners of Attainable Trust and Mighty Kind Trust, organizations that empower individuals with disabilities by imparting new skills and providing employment opportunities.

Programs aimed at community participation are engineered to boost participant self-confidence and autonomy, enabling them to establish and sustain relationships with groups and friends in their community.

The support we extend to these Trusts reflects our commitment to contributing to the welfare and prosperity of our community members.

In addition to the above, the charity also offers a range of services from providing budgeting advice and family support, conducting financial literacy and budgeting seminars, offering housing advocacy, to delivering counselling services. These services are designed to assist the Kiwi community in improving their financial standing and living conditions.


Our planet

Initiatives Against Waste: An Overview of Budgeting Service's Efforts
Approximately 70% of food provided by the budgeting service is sourced through recovery measures. This not only offers significant assistance to those in need but also makes strides in environmental sustainability by preventing food waste. The process of decomposition results in the release of methane - a greenhouse gas that is roughly 28 times more damaging than carbon dioxide. Thus, through the distribution of recovered food instead of its disposal, reductions in New Zealand's cumulative greenhouse gas emissions are achievable.

Food items that have exceeded their lifespan are collected by Hazel Dean Farms. This offers another measure against waste, as such food items are used to feed pigs and chickens.

In addition to these waste reduction efforts, the charity organization has implemented other environmentally friendly initiatives. These include a transition from the use of plastic to glass bottles. Moreover, to encourage the return and reuse of these glass bottles, the charity awards food vouchers to individuals who bring back these items. The collective impact of these initiatives not only aids in environmental conservation but also promotes sustainable living among their beneficiaries.


NZ Premium Foods' sustainability changes

At NZ Premium Foods, we uphold the strong conviction that numerous small modifications can foster substantial positive impacts in the long-term. Our core focus dwells on the selection of ethical products and ingredients that are vegan friendly. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that our products are sourced freshly.

Ethical products

  • Every supplier we partner with is subjected to a rigorous ethical audit focused on sustainability. We adhere strictly to offering food products that are sustainable, pure, and natural.
  • Our foodies Extra Virgin Olive Oil is stored in containers made of recycled PET plastic. Furthermore, these containers can be recycled once more after use.
  • Unlike typical salt from various parts of the world that undergoes mining, our foodies Flaky Sea Salt is sundried in a sustainable way. It also carries the Halal and Kosher certifications.
    Here are a few of the sustainable changes we have made to reduce our own footprint:

      Our actions

      • Plastic has been reduced to an absolute minimum
      • Our team have composts, worm farms and feed scraps to neighbours' animals
      • Clothes that are no longer required are upcycled by giving them to friends, local charity shops or recycling bins
      • All glass containers are either repurposed or recycled
      • Any household or office plastic bags are repurposed multiple times, they are never a single use item
      • We recycle paper by printing on the back of previously used paper and/or using it as note paper
      • Travelling more than 50kms has been reduced to twice a week, previously it was every day!
      • Public transport is used when it is an option
      • All flights are carbon offset
      • We shred our paper and use it in the compost
      • We have reduced our rubbish by 90%
      • Our business has reduced its carbon footprint by a whopping 70%

      We persistently work towards limiting waste and aiding our environment through incremental efforts. Customer support propels us to extend further aid to those requiring our assistance. Collaboratively, we are capable of making a significant difference to our society and our planet.