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Our Environmental Message

At NZ Premium Foods we take a holistic approach to how we are helping the environment. We believe that if we are ethical in everything we do, and look after people and the planet, the rest will fall into place.

Our People

Our team is committed to supporting local. We have aligned ourselves with Attainable Trust and Might Kind Trusts.  This is where people with disabilities learn new skills and are provided with employment.

The community participation programmes are designed to extend participants confidence and independence so that they can form and maintain relationships with groups and friends within their community.

We support these Trusts because we know we are contributing to the betterment of our people in our community.

The charity provides budgeting advice and family support services. From financial literacy and budgeting seminars, to housing advocacy, to counselling services, they help Kiwis in need improve their financial situation and living conditions.


Our planet

Seventy percent of the budgeting service food is rescued. In addition to helping people in need, rescuing food from being dumped is another positive step they are taking towards helping our environment. Decomposing food emits methane, a greenhouse gas that is at least 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. The simple step of giving people rescued food instead of dumping it helps reduce New Zealand's overall greenhouse gas emissions.

Food that is past its life is picked up by Hazel Dean Farms and fed to pigs and chickens, further reducing food waste.

Other environmental initiatives by the charity include changing from plastic to glass bottles, and crediting anyone who returns the glass bottles with food coupons.

Positive outcomes

We are very supportive of the work Darryl Evans, CEO and the team at the Tuakau and Mangere Budgeting Centre are doing. They are playing a part in helping local families move out of poverty. Their work has had some wonderfully positive outcomes.

Administration costs are paid by the government, and every dollar we donate to the charity is turned into $2 thanks to PAK'nSAVE very generously matching donations dollar for dollar. You can also support them with donations and sponsorships.

We chose to support this particular charity because we believe their ethics align with NZ Premium Foods ethics around making positive changes for our people and planet.

NZ Premium Foods' sustainability changes

We believe that lots of little changes can create big positive change long term. NZ Premium Foods is focused on choosing ethical products and ingredients, vegan friendly and ensure its products are freshly sourced.

Ethical products

All of our suppliers undergo a sustainable ethical audit and all of the foodies products are sustainable, clean and natural.

  • foodies Extra Virgin Olive Oil containers are recycled PET and can be recycled again
  • foodies Flaky Sea Salt is sustainably sundried, unlike much salt around the world that is mined and is also certified Halal and Kosher.
Here are a few of the sustainable changes we have made to reduce our own footprint:

    Our actions

    • Plastic has been reduced to an absolute minimum
    • Our team have composts, worm farms and feed scraps to neighbours' animals
    • Clothes that are no longer required are upcycled by giving them to friends, local charity shops or recycling bins
    • All glass containers are either repurposed or recycled
    • Any household or office plastic bags are repurposed multiple times, they are never a single use item
    • We recycle paper by printing on the back of previously used paper and/or using it as note paper
    • Travelling more than 50kms has been reduced to twice a week, previously it was every day!
    • Public transport is used when it is an option
    • All flights are carbon offset
    • We shred our paper and use it in the compost
    • We have reduced our rubbish by 90%
    • Our business has reduced its carbon footprint by a whopping 70%

    We continue to take as many little steps as we can to reduce waste and assist our environment. The more we are supported by our customers, the more we can support those that need our support. Together we can help our people and our planet.