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Copy of Foodies Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 foodies Everyday Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Fresh is Best

Our special olive oil is crafted from the freshest season's pick of high-quality Australian olives. We use a unique cold pressing method and then blend the oil according to our secret recipe. The result? A medium intensity olive oil that's fruity and silky smooth to taste. Plus, we always make sure to retain utmost freshness for a consistently superior quality of olive oil.
Here's what happens each season: We pick the olives, cold press them within 4 hours, and store the oil in temperature-controlled stainless vats. Only when it's packing time do we move the oil. And guess what? We use 5-litre and 1-litre containers that are both recycled and recyclable, because we care for our environment just as much as we care for our customers.


Our process of blending old and new Mediterranean methods ensures that our gourmet olive oil always arrives fresh. Not only does this preserve the beneficial antioxidants found in the oil, but it also pays homage to a tradition that has been in practice for over 5,000 years.
Join the ranks of 5-star restaurants and trendy food trucks across Australasia that already enjoy our product. Cooks and chefs alike agree - our foodies olive oil is top-notch!

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