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Foodies Organic New Zealand Flaky Sea Salt

Foodies Premium Flaky Sea Salt is from the sunny Marlborough region. All ingredients used in the manufacture of our organic certified Flaky Sea Salt – sunshine, wind, natural trace elements from the pure ocean water are locally sourced. Carefully controlled evaporation in a purpose-built evaporator produces a unique pyramid shaped salt crystal, prized for its natural flavour and soft texture. The delicate crystal dissolves easily on the palate and is ideal for finishing fine foods.

This attractive product is ideally presented and served in a small finger bowl on the table. Typically, the salt is gently crushed between the fingers over food. Quantities are dependent on one’s own taste preferences.

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NEW PRODUCT** Manuka Wood Smoked NZ Flaky Sea Salt


foodies for food lovers  NZ Manuka Wood Smoked Flaky Sea Salt 300g

Smoked the traditional way using premium organic NZ flaky sea salt

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