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Foodies Organic New Zealand Flaky Sea Salt


foodies Premium Organic Flaky Sea Salt 

Favoured and flavoured by culinary maestros around the globe

In the magnificent Marlborough region of New Zealand, there existed a
magical sea salt known as foodies for food lovers New Zealand Organic
Flaky Sea Salt. This exquisite salt was adored by culinary enthusiasts from
far and wide.
The journey of this premium sea salt began under the golden rays of the
sun, which showered its warmth upon the Tasman Sea and the Pacific
Ocean. It was here, in this sun-drenched paradise, that the salt crystals
were nurtured and perfected.
Renowned for its superior quality, this organic flaky sea salt captures the
essence of the surrounding waters. Its purity and premium status are
supreme. The secret to its distinctive flavour and the minimal processing,
thanks to the gentle touch of the sun gods. This preservation method
allows the salt to retain the natural minerals and trace elements found
abundantly in the seawater.
With a single sprinkle, it can transform an ordinary dish into a culinary
masterpiece. Its delicate flakes dissolve perfectly on the taste buds, leaving behind a burst of flavourful food

This attractive product is ideally presented and served in a small finger bowl on the table. Typically, the salt is gently crushed between the fingers over food. Quantities are dependent on one’s own taste preferences.
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