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Foodies Pure New Zealand Flaky Sea Salt


foodies Pure New Zealand Flaky Sea Salt 

Favoured and flavoured by culinary connoisseurs around the globe

Our foodies for food lovers naturally sundried pure flaky sea salt is
from the Marlborough region in the South Island of New Zealand. This
exquisite salt is used by culinary connoisseurs both locally and globally.
Recognised for its superior quality, this organic flaky sea salt captures the
essence of the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean.

The secret to its distinctive flavour is its minimal processing, due to solar
drying and sustainable practices by the salt makers. This preservation
method allows the salt to retain natural minerals and trace elements
found abundantly in the surrounding seawater.

With a single sprinkle it can transform an ordinary dish into a culinary
masterpiece. Unleashing the delicate flakes to deliver a flavourful sensation for all foodies.

This attractive product is ideally presented and served in a small finger bowl on the table. Typically, the salt is gently crushed between the fingers over food. Quantities are dependent on one’s own taste preferences.
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