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Salt, Salt, Salt Baby

Salt, Salt, Salt Baby

In the picturesque region of Grassmere nestled in Marlborough, lies a treasure known to food professionals far and wide, the foodies Flaky Sea Salt. This exquisite salt is not your ordinary table salt, it is a result of an age-old process that involves careful sustainable evaporation and ancient salt makers methods, giving rise to delicate flake shaped salt crystals that are used by culinary connoisseurs.

Known for its rich flavour profile, Flaky Sea Salt offers a distinct advantage, you can use less salt by weight while still adding impressive amounts of flavour. It's the secret weapon in every chef's arsenal, perfect for adding that final touch to a dish or enhancing the taste of any cuisine.

What sets this New Zealand Flaky Sea Salt apart is its remarkable adherence qualities. Sprinkle it on any ingredient and watch in amazement as the salt delicately adheres to the food heightening the flavours with each bite.

So, the next time you find yourself in a culinary dilemma, remember the magic of Flaky Sea Salt from Grassmere - a true testament to the art of salt-making and the unparalleled flavour it brings to each dish it graces.

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