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The Fabulous Baker Boy

The Fabulous Baker Boy

Check out this article below about foodies NZ Native Herbs in the restaurant and cafe magazine...

Baker Sam Heaven has collaborated with NZ Premium Foods to bring a distinctly New Zealand flavour to his winning dishes, fusing fresh New Zealand indigenous herbs with classic recipes. Items such as his Horopito croissants and petitgrain sous vide salmon loin with grilled Pikopiko reflect a strong family heritage and innovative style.

Heaven is representative of a new generation of chefs – collaborative as well as innovative. Evidence of this approach is in his teaming up with Rachael Speedy, managing director of NZ Premium Foods.  Seedy believes that the rediscovery of indigenous ingredients is helping define exactly what New Zealand cuisine is.

“NZ Premium Foods are supporting a growing trend from foraging to fine dining,” she said. “These new flavours are being added to fish, cheese and even ice-cream”. Of the movement towards using New Zealand indigenous herbs Heaven said, “it’s like getting a new toy to play with but without the worry of foraging and unknown nasties.”

Presently, Heaven is focussed on preparing for the year ahead, developing a training schedule with his World Skills chef coach and psychologically preparing for the Russian competition with a mental skills coach to help optimise his performance.




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