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Paste Restaurant Bangkok

Paste Restaurant Bangkok

A very memorable evening was had at Paste Bangkok. 

Chef Bongkoch “Bee” Satongun and Jason Bailey really understand the flavours and complexities of Thai food. It was worth every minute of the 12 hours travel from Auckland New Zealand to Bangkok Thailand to experience dining at ‘Paste Bangkok’.

The delicate flavours that these chefs have spent hours refining, create mouth-watering sensations with every bite has earned them a Michelin-star.  It was clear that many hours of hard work were dedicated to achieve this accolade.

From researching ancient Thai recipes, sourcing unique and organic ingredients, the layering of flavours combined with modern presentation, has one salivating over every mouthful. We tried to guess many of the ingredients this was nigh on impossible from betel leaves, banana flower, coriander, chilli, lychee, white sesame seeds, cucumber, roasted coconut slices, soy sprouts, seaweed, shallots and various varieties of beans and mint. The layers of flavour were delicately exquisite. We can’t wait to return. This is without a doubt the best Thai restaurant in the world.

From left,  Mr. Paul Flay, Mrs Rachael Speedy, from NZ Premium Foods, Ms. Somjai Bunyaraksh and Mr. Thanis Potapornkul from Ebisu Foods.

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