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Many of NZ Premium Foods selected ranges have been recognised internationally for their supreme quality, freshness and unique taste. These characteristics can only come from New Zealand with its remarkable environment of lush green pastures, rich fertile soils, clean air, climate and plentiful fresh water.  We refer to our land as 'The Food Bowl', producing a diverse range of foods and beverages for countries and cultures all over the world.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Award Winning Wine




Natural Spring Water

Premium Meat


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Connect with us on WeChat, NZ Premium Foods. We also have a Latipay account for trade between China and New Zealand.  This makes it safe and easy for all parties to do business. Latipay can be used to make payments via WeChat Pay, Alipay, JD Pay and online banking. Refer to the Latipay website for further information www.latipay.net 

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