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New Zealand Native Herbs

Edible New Zealand Native herbs have been used traditionally in Maori cooking for centuries.  They are now returning to the dining experience and bringing a distinctive New Zealand flavour to contemporary cuisine as our innovative chef's and cooks discover new ways with these traditional flavours.  

Many well known Chefs are leading the rediscovery in wild herbs and edible ferns. See Sam Heaven's Horopito Croissants

The fresh native herbs are harvested on family land by a team of whanau and helpers.  NZ Premium Foods is now able to bring you these foodies fresh New Zealand native herbs from sustainable foraging to fine food.



Horopito is a native pepper.   It can be taken as a delicious tea, used in sauces or as a dressing.  Horopito is one of the most widely used herbs in Maori food.  Horopito also has anti-fungal properties which saw it used medicinally.





Pikopiko is an edible fern frond, also known as bush asparagus.  It is a fern shoot found growing in damp shady areas of the New Zealand bush.  Once harvested, it can be peeled and washed to remove the bitterness, then steamed, boiled, stir-fried, chopped and added to bread dough, blended with foodies extra virgin olive oil and nuts to make a spread or simply used as an attractive and delicious signature garnish or vegetable.  




Kawakawa is referred to as a bush basil.  It is used traditionally in tea.  It is a versitile herb that adds delicious flavour to sweet and savoury dishes including soups and New Zealand inspired dishes.  Kawakawa is a great base for canapes.