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Foodies Handcrafted Rice Straws

Our story is about connecting our farmers and foragers and their love of their land. Our aim is to connect communities through our food.

Food brings people together and that becomes our story 

…and this is Our Vietnamese Story

It was hot and humid, and we were hanging out for a cold drink. A welcome sight, a café to sit and enjoy cold iced coffees on a sweltering day in a little local Vietnamese eatery.    

What happened next was an extraordinaire event. The iced coffee was delicious and served with a very interesting straw that we had never seen before. On enquiring, we were told it was produced locally and it was an alternative to plastic and paper straws and was made from the rice grown in this local region.

We thought this was ingenious as it was totally edible, composable, biodegradable and a sustainable food source! How funny, that when we finished our drinks, we munched our way through our straws too. Eating a straw unbelievable, now that must be a first!

But when we delved deeper, we found that these rice straws offered way more than we initially discovered. The coloured straws used local natural fruits, seeds and flowers for colour, they were vegan, gluten free, nut free and completed handcrafted.    

We were so excited we spent the next few months working with the right farmers to source the right ingredients, the right factory and the right people, in Vietnam, so that we could bring you this amazing new alternative to Plastic, PLA and Paper straws. Leaving no impact on the environment, no landfill, no recycling conditions, and no leaching nasty dyes into our drinks.

Now you can enjoy your favourite beverage with foodies Rice Straws without the environmental impact of alternatives. From our visit to that little Vietnamese café we have never looked back. Completely revolutionary you would say.  

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