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Foodies Handcrafted Rice Straws


Plastic, paper and metal have had their day!  Choose the most sustainable option of all - edible straws!

foodies Rice Straws

100% compostable
100% biodegradable
100% edible
100% vegan
100% gluten free
100% natural colours
100% handcrafted

No leaching
No nuts

This is our Vietnamese story

It was hot and humid, and we were hanging out for a cold drink. A welcome sight: a café to sit and enjoy cold iced coffees on a sweltering day in a little local Vietnamese eatery. What happened next was extraordinary. The iced coffee was delicious and served with a very interesting straw that we had never seen before.

On enquiring, we were told it was produced locally and it was an alternative to plastic and paper straws and was made from the rice grown in this region.

Ingenious! A totally edible, compostable, biodegradable and sustainable culinary instrument!

When our drinks were finished we munched our way through our straws to find they were indeed 100% edible. When we delved deeper, we found that these rice straws used locally sourced natural fruits, seeds and flowers for colour, they were vegan, gluten free, nut free and completed handcrafted.

We were so excited we spent the next few months working with the right people in Vietnam to source the best farmers, the right ingredients, the right factory and the right people, so that we could bring you this amazing new alternative to plastic, PLA and paper straws. Leaving no impact on the environment, no landfill, no recycling conditions, and no leaching nasty dyes into our drinks.

Now you can enjoy your favourite beverage with foodies Rice Straws without the environmental impact of alternatives. From our visit to that little Vietnamese café we have never looked back. Completely revolutionary you might say.  

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    Reduce your environmental impact

    The hospitality and tourism industries are making great strides towards reducing their waste; reducing, reusing and recycling as much as they can. Some of the big music events in New Zealand are going even further by having a zero waste policy.

    Many juice bars, cafes, fast food outlets, bars and restaurants have already rejected single-use plastic straws, but the only realistic alternative used to be paper straws. Anyone who has drunk through a paper straw knows it's not a nice experience. Finally, there is something better. Take the next step in reducing your environmental impact by switching to foodies Rice Straws.

    Bulk food service straws

    Order a free sample or place an order today through one of our distributors or order foodies Rice Straws here, via our website. The following pack sizes are currently available:

    • 50 White Jumbo Straws
    • 50 Black Jumbo Straws
    • 150 Mixed Colours Everyday Straws
    • 150 White Everyday Straws
    • 150 Black Everyday Straws
    • 250 White Cocktail Straws
    • 250 Black Cocktails Straws

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