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Export New Zealand Wafer Biscuits


Rachael and her team have created yet another delicious food product, foodies for food lovers Little New Zealand Wafers. These are delicious bite sized wafer biscuits. There are 6 individual packs in a pouch - perfect for popping into lunchboxes or your handbag.  Each individual pack contains a mix of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavoured wafers that are sandwiched together with a scrumptious creamy filling.

The wafers are made in New Zealand using natural colours and flavours.  There are no preservatives, nuts, peanuts or eggs in this product.

Rachael和她的团队还创造了另一种美味的食品,“美食家”新西兰小威化饼。这是美味的一口咬的小威化饼干。它们一大包中有6个小袋的包装 – 非常适合放在午餐盒中或您的手提包内。 每个小包装中包含着香草味,草莓味和巧克力味的威化小饼干,它们是用美味的奶油馅像夹三明治一样夹在一起的。
这些新西兰小威化饼干是用天然的颜色和香料在新西兰制造的。 产品中没有防腐剂,坚果,花生和鸡蛋。

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