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Export Foodies Little New Zealand Wafers

Foodies Wafer Biscuits When Rachael and her three sisters were growing up, her Mum and Dad  were given a large tin of biscuits every Christmas from a neighbour. In that tin there were many varieties to choose from. The biscuits Rachael and her sisters battled over and were always the first to be devoured were the wafer biscuits. These wafers were bonded together with a delicious creamy filling. Many New Zealander's have memories of the mixed tin of biscuits, always given or received at Christmas time.
Rachael and her team set about creating those memories again with  foodies for food lovers Little New Zealand Wafers. These are delicious bite sized wafers and each pack contains a mix of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.  They are sandwiched together with a scrumptious creamy filling, just like the old days. The wafers are made in New Zealand using natural colours and flavours.
There are no preservatives, nuts, peanuts or eggs in this product.
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