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Will Single-Use Plastics Be Banned?

Will Single-Use Plastics Be Banned?

The market for eco-friendly products continues to grow. Green packaging such as reusable food containers and packaging made of recycled materials or materials that break down naturally, is expected to hit $215 billion this year. But single-use plastics are still around and this needs to change.


It took years to train businesses and consumers to recycle properly but most of us are pretty good at it now. The average restaurant, bar or café has different bins for different items, knows which items are recyclable, and automatically puts the right items into the right bins. foodies extra virgin olive oil comes in a recyclable container, so make sure you pop it into the recycling bin too.

However, single-use plastics are rarely recyclable.

Single-use plastics

With little-to-no ability to recycle single-use Styrofoam, plastic and fossil-fuel based items, our focus needs to be on avoiding them. Some of the more common single-use plastic items used in foodservice and hospitality are plastic bags, straws and takeaway coffee cup lids.

Plastic bags have been banned in New Zealand supermarkets and shops, but plastic straws and coffee cup lids are still prevalent.

Compostable coffee cup lids and reusable cups are a great start. Every little step you take in this direction is a good step.

Avoid plastic straws

It is possible that plastic straws will eventually be banned the same way single-use plastic bags in supermarkets and shops were banned but until now, finding a good alternative has been quite challenging. PLA was marketing spin and metal straws are not suitable for foodservice. Some outlets have tried using paper straws, but in addition to not being very nice to drink from, they can collapse, unravel and leach dyes into drinks.

foodies are proud to offer you an excellent replacement for plastic straws with its innovative new rice straws. 100% compostable, 100% biodegradable, they are handcrafted from rice and use 100% natural colouring.

foodies rice straws are a much better option than plastic and paper. 100% edible, vegan and gluten-free, they are 100% safe for most people and 100% impressive.

Order yours today

All of our foodies for food lovers products are available to order via your local distributor, and rice straws are no exception. You can also order a free sample pack containing one jumbo sized straw, one everyday straw and a cocktail straw if you would like to check them out before you purchase.

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