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The Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra Uses foodies Rice Straws

The Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra Uses foodies Rice Straws

Whilst thinking about new ideas to market our range during yet another lockdown in Auckland, I emailed the Photography Institute in Parnell to ask them if they had any photography students that were keen to learn more about food photography as we were about to do another photo shoot.

Tom, a previous student, jumped at the opportunity. However, every time we planned the day Tom was either busy or we were hit with yet another lockdown. After about 10 attempts we eventually all came together. During the day I learnt that Tom Hamill’s day job was actually the Director of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra Connecting. He was studying photography as a hobby at the Institute.

We were busy all day and at about 3pm, we were onto our last product shots when Tom asked what these particular foodies products were. I explained that they were edible rice straws. He was very enthusiastic about them, he thought for a while and then said. “These will be great for the APO.” I looked at him and thought he’d gone bonkers!

In my mind I conjured up all sorts of ideas about seeing the conductor waving a lovely pink rice straw rigorously up, down and around at the orchestra. I roared with laughter and said “Tom have you gone mad”!   

Tom laughed and said these are perfect for the kids to learn how to conduct and play the flute. “The paper straws we have are terrible and don’t last” he said. During the rest of the day I learnt how important the children and communities are to the APO and vice versa. The APO do an incredible job in getting children and communities involved in music, providing sponsorships, workshops and programmes that are suitable for all ages. These programmes nurture the next generation of musicians and make it possible for children to experience the power and joy of orchestral music.

It was a perfect marriage. We could become a sponsor of Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra to help kids and communities learn to enjoy and participate in music, providing low carbon, compostable foodies rice straws. In return we could learn more about the amazing work that the APO do, to bring music to everyone.

And it all happened through a photoshoot! Who would have thought! Thanks Tom, you are a legend for getting us involved with the APO.


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